Cookbooks for success.

Sales teams today are facing tougher competition and better educated buyers than ever before and sellers need an edge to win. They want to be able to get up to speed quickly on new solutions or competitive pressures, and they want to be equipped with insights that engage customers in a meaningful and productive way. In organizations with sprawling solution portfolios or many types of buyers, the complexity can overwhelm sellers.

The answer is a strategic sales playbook built with development methods that have worked for the best global Sales teams in the technology industry.

Our playbooks are based on decades of best practices and are designed to help Sales teams in any context, from onboarding, to selling new emerging solutions, selling with partners, beating specific competitors, or coaching first-line managers. As experts in contextual selling, we will design a playbook that delivers against your specific sales agenda.


Unisys Industry-SpecificSales Playbooks

Spot broader opportunity patterns and contexts while simultaneously creating playbooks across four industries.

Unisys Industry-Specific
Sales Playbooks


HPE Enterprise Sales Playbook

Drive up sales performance and align the field on best practices patterned after the most productive sellers.


HPE Enterprise Playbook


Allscripts Valued-Based Care Tool

Train Sales with a contextual selling tool so they can spot and win more deals.


Allscripts Value-Based Care Tool


Symantec Keyword Cross-Sell Tool

Enable teams to capture all possible opportunities through better cross-selling.


Symantec Keyword Cross-Sell Tool