The sales enablement market is exploding. According to Stats and Reports, sales enablement platforms are experiencing astonishing growth and are expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Companies large and small are investing in sales enablement because they believe in the outcomes that it can drive. Over the thirty years we have been delivering sales guidance to high performing sales teams, we’ve watched the sales enablement domain grow from a topic barely on the radar, to something everyone is asking for.

We’ve always felt a special affinity for Sales, and so it is natural for us to double down on sales enablement. If you haven’t explored our site in a while, you may not have noticed this increased emphasis. We are re-dedicating ourselves to the pioneering work and leadership we have brought to this domain because the need for meaningful innovation and value-add is real.

Some companies focus on their sales enablement platform while others use their sales methodology as their optic. Those are important, but we believe they often leave out or give short-shrift to the most important element: the selling context. And that’s exactly the difference that we provide. We help sellers in complex sales environments using current selling contexts and best practices around their specific solution, customer and competitive sets. It is in the nuanced context that compelling differentiators and winning sales messages must be articulated.

We hear from clients that our sales tools are the most contextual, actionable and useful ones they’ve seen, and a large part of how we do that is our unique process. Like a rolling focus group, we do 1-on-1 deep dive interviews with top sellers and SMEs to capture the wisdom of the tribe so that average sellers can learn the best practices of their more successful peers. The short video below will show you how we do it and why we are different.

Like other successful companies, your investing in sales enablement programs, tools and platforms probably continues growing. Don’t overlook this important piece.  Make sure you have solid and current contextual selling guidance to empower your sellers to spot the right opportunities, make more powerful arguments, and win more deals. Get Pearson.